After more than a decade working as a project manager in the building industry, i was like….bored.

I mean, working as long without any passion made me feel at the wrong place.

It all started in the early of 2017 when i finally decided to leave my job, as everybody says, i left my comfort zone to create my own production company.

It was a huge gap for me, surrounded by many steps and doubts, but i didn’t gave up.

Starting my own business without the good background was terrifying, but the passion made me go further and now i’m glad to say :

“Hello there, welcome on my website.”


I’ve always been passionate by extreme sports, that firstly gave me the sense of photography then I introduced myself into filmmaking.

Since a couple of years now, I was able to deepen and diversify my work through several clients and partners as the talented Parisian studio PANAMÆRA that gave me acces to a range of varied projects.


The company is dynamic, and as a creative mind I always get in the line with the latest innovations and trends in the market.

What’s making me able to constantly maintain a fresh image of your company, service or product.


Always on the move between Paris and the South of France, I still got a huge love for travelling and working all around the globe.

Instagram working as my Laboratory